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Greasemonkey is an add-on for the Firefox web browser, that allows you to run "scripts", or little programs that alter the web pages you view. See Installing Greasemonkey for more information.

Etsy's development team are working hard to bring out new features for the site, but there's only so much they can do. They're going to focus on features that bring the most benefit to the most users. These scripts are provided as examples of things that can be done without needing Etsy to change anything, but which (hopefully) make the user experience better and more efficient. Less time spent administering your Etsy business, more time spent making things.

I've shied away from writing any scripts that apply extra load on the Etsy servers by pulling in data feeds, etc. - the idea is to make Etsy more useful, not to cripple the site for everyone by dragging the servers into the mire.

If there's something you think would be useful, let me know. There's no guarantee I'll do it (or that it's even possible...) but if it sounds fun and useful I'll have a go.

IE users: For those of you unwilling or unable to run Firefox and Greasemonkey, I have created some bookmarklets (programs that run from your Bookmarks or Favorites menu) that will do some of what the scripts below will do. These will run quite happily in IE and other browsers.

Please note: If, in the future, you find your Etsy pages looking strange, or things aren't working properly, turn off your Greasemonkey scripts (click on the monkey icon at the bottom right of your screen - it'll go grey when Greasemonkey is disabled - then reload the page). Chances are Etsy will have changed something and/or there's a bug in my code, and that's my problem, not Etsy's. Please don't mail Etsy saying things are broken (unless you're sure it's Etsy and not Greasemonkey). Do let me know and I'll do my best to fix it.

There's a quick install page with the installer links for all the hacks if you just need to go and update a bunch of hacks at once. Otherwise, click on the hack title below to go to the hack's page, where there's details of what each one does, screenshots illustrating the changes, etc.

contact buyer

Add buyer contact details to the sold orders page.

relisted items

Track which items have been relisted when viewing sold items.

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Mountain Shadow Design

section browser

Navigate through sections in a shop more easily.

relist item

Adds a "relist item" link next to each transaction on the Sold Orders page.

order convo enhancer

Adds the order number and receipt link to convos started from the receipt page.

address reformatter

Alter addresses on Etsy receipts to make them easier to cut-and-paste.

feature this item

Feature or unfeature a listing from the View Listing page.

buyer notes

Adds any messages from your buyers to the "sold orders" page.

"your etsy" page navigation

Adds page navigation to the top of your Your Etsy pages.

show "ship to"

Add the shipping address for each order to the Sold Orders page.

sold orders plus

Search your sold items and easily see repeat buyers.

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Poppy Loves Paris


Unheart and reheart favourites from the shop and listing pages, and unheart and reheart favourites in the Favourite Sellers and Favourite Items pages more quickly.

fast tagger

Add all your listing's tags at once.

bulk image uploader

Upload up to five images at once when editing a listing.

section counter

Looks for uncategorised listings in your "Sections" page.

etsyhacks updates

Checks for new and updated Etsyhacks.

quick reply

Adds a reply button for each convo on the main convo screen.

delete convo

Delete a convo from the View Convo page.

renew listing

Renew a listing from the View Listing page.

copy listing

Quickly create a new listing based on an existing one.

forum navbar

Adds an extra navigation bar to forum pages.

fast batch feedback

Quickly set all the fields on the batch feedback page.

chat window tweaker

Open links from Etsy chat sessions in new tabs/windows.


Track and highlight admin participation in forum threads.

item zoom

Adds a zoom icon to images in search and shop listings.

shop tools

Adds a links to shop configuration pages to your shop and listing pages.

forum permalinks

Adds a link to each post's unique link point, making it easier to link directly to a specific forum post.

treasury window tweaker

Allows you to ctrl-click on treasuries and have them open in separate tabs, rather than all in one tab.

forum wrangler

Adds a number of extra features to the forums. See the hack page for more details.


Adds item and shipping subtotals to your receipt pages.

quote post

Adds a 'quote this post' link to each post in the forums.

forum user links

Adds links to a user's profile, the "heart this user" function, and links to send them a convo and see all the convos you've had with them.

cancel transaction

Adds links to cancel transaction from the sold orders and view transaction pages.

edit this item

Adds "edit item" and "delete item" links to the View Listing page when viewing an item in your shop.

transaction id to url

Change the text "Transaction ID# ..." for each item on the "printer-friendly" receipt page into a URL.

printable receipt enhancer

Apply IDs and class names to elements on the printable receipt page, so that you can use stylesheets to change the appearance of the page. Change the font size, hide sections, change colours, add a logo - see the example stylesheets for examples.

printer-friendly linker

Add a link to the "printer-friendly" receipt view for each order on your orders page, next to the link to the regular receipt.

buyer info

Add extra information to the "buyer" box on a receipt page - a link to convos with that user, a link to their feedback page, a link to send them a convo, and a link to their email address.

convo linker

Automatically turns the text "listing #..." or "transaction #..." in a convo into a link. Useful for when a customer uses the "contact the seller" link to send you a convo.


Questions, comments, and feedback welcomed.

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